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Buyers FAQ

How can I search suppliers / products at SwitchBazaar.com?

Go to www.switchbazaar.com  and type the product / company name in the search box, then press enter or click on the search icon.

From search results, how can I contact the supplier?

When you search for a supplier / product at www.switchbazaar.com, the result page appears with a list of suppliers with a 'Contact Supplier' button. You can click on Contact Supplier button and send your business enquiry directly.

Does SwitchBazaar take responsibility for any fraudulent nature of suppliers?

No, SwitchBazaar is not involved whatsoever between the transactions that take place between a buyer and supplier. It only bridges the gap between the two by providing a platform for them to get in touch with each other. However, in case there is a complaint against a particular supplier, SwitchBazaar does conduct a proper check.

Does SwitchBazaar facilitate transactions with the suppliers at a personal level?

No, SwitchBazaar does not facilitate transactions at a personal level. It is just a match making platform which connects the right buyer with the right supplier.

What if the supplier is not responding?

As SwitchBazaar is a central platform between buyers and suppliers, so if at all a supplier does not respond to you, we can always help you with more suppliers who deal in the same product line. You can then easily negotiate with the supplier and mature your deal.

Following can be the reasons for no response from supplier:

  • Supplier hasn’t checked your mail yet or he might have received your mail in his spam box.
  • Supplier might have stop doing business in the same product.
  • Suppliers inventory might be out of stock.
  • Export might be banned for the required product.

What if I am unable to contact the supplier?

There can be numerous reasons for the same as mentioned below:

  • Supplier's number has been changed.
  • Supplier’s mail box is full.
  • Supplier may be unavailable due to any of his personal reasons.
  • In this case you can always find other suppliers on our website who deal in the same product range.

What if the supplier fails to deliver the agreed product?

In spite of it’s rare occurrence, in case such a situation arises, we do take necessary actions after verifying all details of the complaint. Since we don’t guarantee the quality of the services offered by different suppliers registered with us,it is always advisable to contact a number of suppliers and then choose the best.

Can SwitchBazaar assist me if I am unable to search the right supplier?

Yes,SwitchBazaar can assist in searching the right suppliers for you in the following ways

  • You can submit your buying requirement at www.switchbazaar.com/buyer.
  • Write us at buyer@switchbazaar.com

What benefits do I get from SwitchBazaar.com

  • Free, easy, simple way to find suppliers.
  • Reliable & transparent buying platform.
  • Instantly locate suppliers in your city and throughout the globe.
  • Send your buy requirements & get immediate response.

How does SwitchBazaar provide a solution in case of any conflict between Buyer and Supplier.

In case of any conflict between buyer and supplier, SwitchBazaar conducts a check of the supplier and takes appropriate actions. We try to authenticate and verify the details given by the suppliers and provide them with Trusted & verified supplier service after verifying the same.

Who are Verified Suppliers?

Verified Suppliers are the ones who have verified their contact details mentioned on our platform. (Email, mobile etc.)

What is Trusted & Verified Supplier?

Trusted & verified supplier is the service given by SwitchBazaar in order to authenticate and verify the details of the supplier you are dealing with. The presence of a Trusted & verified supplier icon indicates a proper verification and authentication  of the supplier.

Sellers FAQ

How do I register on SwitchBazaar.com?

In order to register on SwitchBazaar.com, kindly follow the steps given below:

Step 1- Visit www.switchbazaar.com
Step 2- On the top right header of the website you will find a ‘Sell on SwitchBazaar’ link, click on that link.
Step 3- Fill in the required information
Step 4- Click ‘Create My Account’

Note : In order to get enquiries from buyer’s you need to furnish more details like : Company profile, products you deal in and you can also verify your contact information.

How long will it take for my account to be activated?

Once the details are submitted, your free account has been created and you can access your account any time. However, If you have submitted incomplete information, the account will be manually verified and will be live within 48 hours.

How long will it take for my company to appear in the search results.

After submitting the complete company profile and product information (like unique product name with image and description), your company’s listing will appear in the search results within 48 hours.

What is Paid membership?

With growing number of suppliers, there is a need for higher visibility & differentiated marketing approach for companies to create a defined positioning for themselves and gain higher attention of buyers. ‘Bronze, Silver, Gold & Diamond' package is the right choice for such companies. It gives the desired boost to your business.